Be Your Own Teacher: The Need for Self-Learning

Newsletter Sep 14, 2023

Meet Maya, a student who not only excels in her school studies but also dedicates time at home to explore subjects on her own. Maya is generally curious about various things like our planet earth, other cultures and even the solar system in general. Her insatiable hunger for knowledge sets her apart and propels her to outshine her peers. Maya’s story exemplifies the power of self-learning – a skill that is becoming increasingly crucial in today’s rapidly evolving world.

The ability to adapt and learn independently has never been more important in a world where information and technology are evolving at breakneck speed. Traditional learning methods and school curriculums try their best, but more often than not, do not keep up with the constant flow of new information. Self-learning is more than a desire; it is a requirement. Those who can direct their own education are better prepared to thrive in a world where change is the only constant.

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Self-learning fosters a lifelong thirst for knowledge while also encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, and autonomy. It gives children the ability to tailor their education to their interests, preparing them to adapt in a rapidly changing world. Self-learners gain not only subject expertise but also valuable skills for success in an evolving landscape by being able to curate resources, set goals, and embrace failures.

While self-learning is clearly important, most parents know that getting children to study their school curriculum can be a task, to ask for them to go beyond and study even more? Impossible! However, with the right tools and the correct motivation even this can be mastered.

How to Master Self Learning

§  Set Clear Goals

Define specific objectives for your learning journey. Know what you want to learn and understand the why of it. Having clear objectives will keep you focused and motivated. For example, you want to be comfortable with numbers, hence you solve 3 mathematics-based puzzles every day.

§  Curate Engaging Resources

Learning from a single source can get tedious. Collect a set of different sources to learn from so that you not only have a well-rounded understanding of a concept but also keep things fresh using books, puzzles, online courses, videos, or even audio stories. A change in study material can shake things up and make the activity interesting.

§  Planning and Reward

You have set your goals and mapped your journey but to ensure you stay on the path you could use a little encouragement. Set rewards at periodic milestones to keep you motivated and ensure you make measurable progress. A nice example would be the contest BrainGymJr is running this September 2023, where you study and learn to collect points and the top 10 students with most points win exciting prizes.

§  Practice Active Learning

Learning is only a job half done. It also needs to be applied and no better way to ensure you remember what you have learnt than to apply it. For example, see if you can practice and move up a level on the BrainGymJr App or if your speed / accuracy is better than the last week!

§  Seek Feedback

We all need validation and course correction. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from experts or peers. Feedback can provide valuable insights and correct any misconceptions.

§  Making Learning Interactive

Use platforms like BrainGymJr that gamify education. Such tools make learning enjoyable, bridging the gap between interest and academics. Moreover, you get to apply core concepts learned in school that help strengthen your IQ.

Self-learning develops children into curious, adaptable, and self-assured individuals. They not only gain knowledge but also essential skills as they become their own teachers, preparing them for the unknown challenges of the future. Becoming your own teacher ensures a lifetime of meaningful learning and personal development.

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.



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