BrainGymJr - Daily Brain Exercises for Children
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BrainGymJr - Daily Brain Exercises for Children
BrainGymJr - Daily Brain Exercises for Children
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BrainGymJr teaches children ‘How’ to Think through
* CORE CONCEPTS of Math, English and Real-World skills
* 16 engaging formats making LEARNING FUN
* TAILORED level of DIFFICULTY for your child
* POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT to solve every day
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* Get default level basis age for AGE GROUP 5-11 YEARS
* Take OPTIONAL free assessment for CUSTOMIZED DIFFICULTY levels
* Receive FRESH NEW DAILY EXERCISES for Math, English and Real-world Skills
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How can BrainGymJr help your child?
Teaching Children ‘How’ to Think, not ‘What’ to Think: Today, children are largely told what to do. Most formal or informal education is structured, and instruction based. In order to hone critical thinking and application in real life, it is important to encourage solution orientation and problem solving as an approach. BrainGymJr focuses on fun, game based, real life puzzles and situations.

Makes Thinking a Daily Habit: Disciplined children make successful adults. It is essential to engage children daily; nudging them to apply their mind as a way of life. BrainGymJr ensures fresh exercises to be solved daily, making a habit akin to reading a newspaper! The habit is positively reinforced through timers, badges, leaderboards and overall progress across levels.
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Education beyond Academics
Research confirms that systematic enablement and daily impetus to children in developing real life skills such as logic, reasoning, maths and language plays a significant role in future success!


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BrainGymJr - Daily Brain Exercises for Children