Importance of writing in a digital world

Writing In Today's Digital World

Newsletter Aug 22, 2022

Has your 8-year-old asked you why he cannot do his homework on the laptop like mummy does her office work? Or has your daughter pushed back on writing what was taught in school? If you are nodding in agreement while reading this, then you are just one of the many parents grappling with the demands of writing in the digital world!

Written languages have always been a significant part of human evolution. Writing has played a vital role in recording information and modern human development and progress. With technological advancements and easier access to digital devices & services, the traditional act of writing is losing its relevance.

The art of writing should not be forgotten as it still has a lot of utility than it is given credit for. Writing has both, functional and creative advantages. Handwriting also forms a unique part of our culture and identity that we should not forget easily.
So, while touchscreens and keypads have taken over from the meek pen and paper, is ‘writing’ still relevant for your child? The answer is an unequivocal yes!

Read on to know why Writing in a Digital World is Important

Develops cognitive and motor skills

‘Writing’ allows time to slow down the thought process enabling children to think about the words, how they are spelt and the structure of the writing. This process of observing the letters of the alphabet, memorizing them, and then copying them on paper develops cognitive and motor skills in children.

Boosts memory

Do you take notes in meetings or even make to-do lists which you may never have to refer to? Well, that is because writing has a huge impact on improving our memory. Research shows that writing creates unique pathways in the brain causing those who wrote their notes to remember their content more! Regular writing stimulates areas of the brain which deal with thinking and short-term memory.

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Improves language and reading skills

Writing is an art. There are infinite ways to write a sentence and yet not be wrong. Writing not only builds memory, it also helps the development of language and reading skills. You can encourage your little one to write short stories about his day at school thus allowing him to think of words and form better sentences.

Supports Academic Success

According to studies, children who practice writing regularly can structure information better and write faster leading to better academic performance. The fact that most of our examinations are still handwritten, writing serves as a very functional skill.

Opens up a world of ‘new-age’ career opportunities

Focus on ‘writing’, and not the medium. While there are clear benefits of writing by hand on pen and paper; we do need to acknowledge the accelerated pace of digitization. Writing helps us structure our thoughts, build a foundation & communicate effectively. We can start with making lists, strengthening story-telling or writing comprehensive emails. However, in the fast-paced world of digital content, there is a lot of opportunity for journalism, blogging, script-writing, creative copy, podcast content .. and a lot more. Each of these are based on the written word and could form a great future career option for your young one!

Writing boosts creativity, decreases stress and enhances communication skills. Remember, that it is not bad to use an app or device to type or jot down thoughts with a stylus. The important part is to focus on building a strong vocabulary & comprehensive communication. Various tools like puzzles on sentence structures, vocabulary & grammar actually help strengthen your base for language and writing. In the long run, strong control over the language used as the medium of trade (English) facilitates comprehension, negotiation, debate… and future success!

The Pen is mightier than the Sword
~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton



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