Fun Easter Activities

Easter Activities for Kids – Fun ways to Teach Math & Science

Newsletter Apr 7, 2023

Easter is one of the main feasts of Christianity. It marks the Resurrection of Jesus three days after his death on the cross. Easter traditions vary around the world. In Bermuda, people fly kites while in northwestern Europe people light huge bonfires to mark the Easter celebrations. In Australia, UK and USA, Easter bonnet parades take place. Children decorate their bonnets using chicken eggs, bunny ears and even chocolates.

Although different countries follow different traditions to celebrate Easter, one common tradition followed almost in all parts of the world is eating eggs for Easter. Practicing Christians abstain from meat and other animal products during the 40 days of Lent before Easter so, an egg seems to be a real treat on Easter day. Eggs also represent new life. With this tradition, many games started to be developed around Easter eggs – most famous being the Easter egg hunt.

Easter is also the time around which schools close for summer holidays. Keeping kids engaged during this time can be an uphill task. This is a great time to sharpen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Here are a few amazing ideas to use Easter activities and teach kids some basic math and science concepts.

(You can choose plastic eggshells instead of real eggs to avoid the mess!)

  • Egg Hunt with clues

You can create a treasure hunt using eggs. Hide the eggs in different places and provide children with clues that are Math or science related riddles. For example, you hide an egg in the refrigerator and the clue could be a vault where temperatures drop below 4°C. Or you can hide the egg near your potted plants and the clue could be our primary sources of oxygen producers.

  • Practice vocabulary with eggshells

Write down synonyms, antonyms, or compound words on the halves of eggshells and put them all in a basket. Children would have to match the eggshells as per the instructions to find the correct matches. You can also use uppercase and lowercase letters for younger kids. This is a good way to boost their confidence with better English.

  • Egg drop experiment

The classic egg drop experiment is a great way to understand the concepts of physics. Children have to try to build a structure to prevent a raw egg from breaking if dropped from a significant height. They will have to think of ways that would reduce the amount of energy transferred from potential to kinetic energy on the eggshell. Make it a competition and see who can safely drop their egg from a higher height!

  • Origami activities

Origami excites children. It has been shown to improve spatial visualization skills in children using hands-on learning. It allows children to comprehend, characterize, and construct their own vernacular for the world around them. You can create easter bunnies in 2D or make easter bunny masks using paper plates along with your kids.

  • Solve daily puzzle games

Puzzles enhance memory skills, as well as the ability to plan, test ideas and solve problems. BrainGymJr helps children learn Math, English & Real-World Skills with Daily Puzzles, Audio stories, and in-built Rewards! Check them here.

The holiday season is an important time for families to connect and unwind together. Make use of this opportunity to spend quality time with your children while ensuring they do not lose out on learning. With simple games connecting learning and traditions, children can be more engaged and excited about learning new concepts.



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