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The building experience is enhanced with the real engineering tools that you can use to create the 10 models mentioned in the set before exploring the endless creativity this set allows. Delivery in 7-10 Working Days

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This kit comes with all the tools, and parts to build 10 different models, one at a time. After completing these 10 models, the builder can use the parts to create many more models and projects.

MECHANIX provides the user with tools they need to help them bring an idea to reality. It inculcates curiosity to learn, ability & confidence to build something with real life tools. This is a skill that helps in being able to think out of the box and builds your cognitive skills.
Like you need to put a child in water to teach him to swim, you need to give him the MECHANIX pieces to make them want to connect things. Construction is building up of an idea first in the mind, with the right tools in the hand.
MECHANIX 1 is a great beginner set, which give you enough pieces to be able to create basic objects and structures and introduces young ones into the world of engineering.

-	128 Parts
-	10 Models
-	Screw Driver and Spanner
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