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Mapology: World with Flags & Capitals

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A Unique and fun foam puzzle specially design to explore and learn about countries, their flags and capitals across the world. Delivery in 7-10 Working Days

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GEOGRAPHY MADE FUN: A unique, fun and exciting foam map puzzle toy to help children learn the countries across the world

SOLVE TO LEARN LOCATION: This learning & education toy consists of 2 EVA foam frame puzzle, with precisely cut 75 Country shaped puzzle pieces that will help the child learn the locations of the countries

FLAG THE CAPITALS: Stick the Capital stickers on the plastic flags provided and insert them in the slit provided in their respective countries

STURDY & SAFE: All the pieces are made of 8 mm EVA foam and snugly fit to form the World map. The materials used in this kids toys conform to the ASTM standards for toys so the parents can confidently choose this product to provide an innovative, delightful and safe play experience for their children

CONTENTS: 2 Foam Puzzle Frame,75 Puzzle Pieces, 65 Flags, Sticker Set & Instructions 
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