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Mapology - Physical Features of India

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Physical features are natural features on the earth’s surface such as Mountains, Plateaus, Rivers and Deserts. It’s fun to learn geography and explore India’s diverse geographical features. Delivery in 7-10 Working Days

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50+ FEATURES TO LEARN: Solve the puzzle with river & desert shaped pieces, add the 3D mountains & plateaus to complete the map and get a play way experience of learning about the Physical Features of India

LEARNING MADE FUN: The nearly 2 feet model of the geographical features with interesting pegs of volcano, boats, flags and works well to capture the children's attention and keeps them constructively engaged for hours as they play and learn

FUN FACTS: Which is the largest salt desert in the world? Did you know the world’s largest dam is in Odisha? Get these answers & more in the Information and Construction Guide

DUAL-SIDED MAT: This learning aid comes with a dual-sided mat where one side represents a political map & the other side represents a physical map. The topographical side shows additional features like waterfalls & lakes while solving from the political side helps understand the location of feature - such as the fact that Thar Desert is located predominantly in Rajasthan
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