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India Art Forms

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This DIY craft kit comes with 5 traditional art forms to explore. Unleash your child's creativity with 20+ Craft Projects. We aim at giving children the right balance of opportunities to explore & learn new skills! Delivery in 7-10 Working Days

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5 TRADITIONAL ART FORMS TO EXPLORE: From Madhubani to Warli, learn different traditional art forms- Lippan on canvas, Mandala on clay stickers, Madhubani on fabric, Bagru block printing & Warli on coasters

20+ CRAFT PROJECTS: Unleash your child's creativity with 20+ Craft Projects.

TRADITIONAL ART WITH A MODERN TWIST: Traditional Indian art forms are now much more exciting for younger kids as they learn these techniques with modern items & utilities like Madhubani art on a Sling Bag, Warli Art on a Coaster and so on

A COMPLETE CRAFT KIT: This craft kit comes with everything you need. This kit not only nurtures creativity, but also boosts the self confidence of kids as they are able to independently create variety of masterpieces 

CONTENTS: 1 Sling Bag, 10 Blocks, 2 Printed Canvases, 1 Printed Pouch, 3 Ink Pads, 1 Clay Tube, 4 Printed Coasters, 3 Mandala Templates, 4 Acrylic Markers, 10 Project Templates, Sequins, 1 Practice Booklet, 12 Clay Pouches
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