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Red & Blue Word Kit Boxes, Alphabet Tile : Blue & Red 70 tiles each (68 Printed & 2 Blanks in each) | Delivery in 7-10 Working Days

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Check to see that both the display windows are on START.
Make a difficult word of 4-8 letters, depending on age, vocabulary etc for you opponents to guess (sample words have been given).
Display the word on the display slots to face you, and beginning from the right-hand corner slot (as shown in the above illustration).
Start the game with mutual understanding as to who is going to guess first.
Take turns to guess each alphabet of your opponent’s word.
For every incorrect guess turn the countdown wheel one place anti-clockwise.
The opponent can view in the window, how close he is to drowning with every wrong guesses.
The player who manages to guess his opponent’s word first is the winner. 
The game still continues, for the opponent to prove himself a second winner or a loser.
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