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This set allows you to perform 10 different experiments where you can learn about the different uses of gears with motorised models. You can build a car where you can change gears between Reverse-Neutral-First-Second. Delivery in 7-10 Working Days

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This kit comes with all the tools, and parts to build 10 different models, one at a time. After completing these 10 models, you can use the parts to create many more models & projects.

The BLIX construction system is designed with great research on the important skills that are not developed organically in the environment today’s children are born in. It provides the child with an incentive to imagine things the way they like it and give them the tools to be able to build it.

Why does a vehicle have to lower a gear while climbing a slope?  What is torque? How does shifting gears change speed? And how does a car go reverse? All these questions and more are answered in this great set. The 10 experiments in this box sets the child on the track to learn more about engineering.

-	100+ Parts
-	10 Experiments
-	High Powered Motor & Gears
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